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automotive cables suppliers in chennai
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Welding rubber cables


Welding rubber cables:

Our range of welding cables is manufactured from superior grade of materials that makes them suitable for use at places where combination of ambient temperature & temperature rise due to load results with conductor temperatures not exceeding:

  • 60·c for general purpose rubber compound cables.
  • 85·c for general purpose HOFR compound cables.

Some of the other features of our product include:

  • Copper Conductor: Annealed high conductivity copper wire that complies with 1S-8130/1984.
  • Aluminum Conductor: Aluminum Wire complying to 1S-8130-1984 standards.                                


  • Outstanding toughness & durability.
  • High resistance to cuts
  • Tears and abrasion.
  • Resistance to oil, solvents and chemicals.
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistant.


  • It is suitable for flexible use under rugged conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systems.
  • Automatically operated line and spot welding machines.
  • Power Earthing return leads
  • Power feeds to electrolytic plating process
  • Bus bar connection
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Aircraft servicing equipments


  • Conductor High conductivity
  • Bare annealed copper flexible conductor.
  • Sheath Double sheathed with specially developed thermoplastic Elastomer (TPR TPE)


  • The maximum current ratings of flexible welding cables for different duly cycles are based on an ambient air temperature of 25 C and a maximum conductor temperature of 90 C.


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