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Teflon cables


Teflon cables:

Teflon is a synthetic polymer, especially fluoropolymer, which has found applications in various fields. Chemically Teflon is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It was first discovered by Dupont where it was given the name Teflon and then this name became popular. Due to its excellent fire resistant properties it is used in making cables which are used at those places where cables are prone to fire damage. The melting point of Teflon is very high about 327°C, so it is also used for providing insulation to the various cables.

Properties and application of Teflon Cables

  • Teflon has the highest dielectric strength among all the solids ever found. The magnificent dielectric properties of Teflon makes it suitable for use as an insulator in cables. This property of Teflon is more pronounced at high radio frequencies.
  • It is also used as a material for printed circuit boards used at microwave frequencies.
  • Its dielectric property along with high melting temperature makes it the material of choice for high performance cables. It is used in place of weaker and low melting polyethylene.

Industrial Applications of Teflon Cable:

Due to its excellent fire resistant properties and the low coefficient of friction, Teflon cables are used in a number of fields and industries. Some most important of them are described below:

  • Data Communication
  • Teflon Cables
  • High temperature cables

Teflon data communication cables:

Data communication cabling isn't the thing to do everyday. These cables placed in the plenums above the ceiling or below the raised surface provide uninterrupted network connectivity. But they also impose a latent danger. In case of any fire, these cables can be dangerous because it can produce substantial amount of smoke and fuel load.


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